How to Set Up Your Online Account

You must have an active membership for this process to work.

  1. First, create a Kingsbury Club online account with a user name and password. In order to do this, the KC must have your correct email address on file. Please call (781-585-3883) or see us at the front desk if you’d like to confirm this.
  2. Once we have your email address on file, go to our website, on your computer (not your mobile device) and click on Member Login.
  3. Under ‘First Time Here’, click on Access My Account and follow the prompts.
  4. You will then receive an email requesting you to set up a password.

Making Reservations with Your Online Account

  1. Go to our website,
  2. Click on Member Login. Log in to make reservations to use the pool, use the gym, or take group exercise classes.
  3. On the home page, select ‘Group Activities‘ on the left.
  4. At the top of the page, above Classes, choose ‘By Date.’ All club activities for the day are listed. (Use the calendar to change the date if needed and then click ‘Search Classes.’)
  5. For the activity/event you want, click ‘Sign Up.’
  6. Choose your name and all family members planning to attend.
  7. Click ‘Register.’
  8. Click ‘OK.’

Making Reservations Using the KC APP on Your Phone

  1. Download the Kingsbury Club Kingston App from the app store. Use the same user name and password to login as your online account.
  2. To make any kind of reservation, select ‘Classes‘ on the bottom.
  3. Change the date on top if needed.
  4. Select the activity you want.
  5. Choose ‘Sign Up
  6. Select all family members planning to attend. Choose ‘Next’ and
  7. Choose ‘Confirm

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