Kingsbury Camp

Camp Pre-Registration

Payment is due at the time of registration. One hundred dollars ($100.00) of the cost of the program will apply to a nonrefundable registration fee at the time of registration. Seventy-two hours (72 hours) prior to the start of the program all fees are nonrefundable. Registration closes 72 hours before the start of camp.

After filling out the pre-registration form you will receive an email with in a few days on how to finish registering for camp.

Questions regarding camp and sign up please call 781-585-3883 x377 or email

Time Activity
8:50 am Drop Off / Attendance
9:00 am Kids will be separated in groups based on ages
9:15 am Tennis (Group A) | Turf (Group B)
9:50 am Tennis (Group B) | Turf (Group A)
10:25 am Bathroom Break
10:45 am Arts & Crafts
11:05 am Bathroom Break
11:20 am **Transition**
11:30 am Swim Lessons
12:00 pm Lunch
12:20 pm Free Swim
12:45 pm **Transition**
1:00 pm Pick Up

Pre-Registration Form

By completing the following form below, you are not officially registering for camp. This form is for information collection only. Thank you.


Parent's Name(Required)
Camper 1 Name(Required)
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Age restriction is 5 and up.
Camper 2 Name
Please provide the name of your second child, if you are registering more than one child.
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Age restriction is 5 and up.

Emergency Information

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